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Welcome to Oh My Ragdolls


Thank you for checking us out!! 

We are a TICA registered cattery located in Columbus, Ohio. 

Our parents are HCM, PKD, and PRA, 

FELV-FIV tested/negative and free of major genetic defects. 

Our kittens go home around 16 weeks old.  They leave our home and acclimate into their new homes very well. We keep them until this age, to ensure that you are bringing home a very socialized and healthy Ragdoll kitten.

Your ragdoll kitten is raised in our home, in our main living area. They are a HUGE part of our daily family life.

Our ragdoll cats and kittens are very familiar with our dog, cats of various ages and younger children.

We pay extra attention to the health and well-being of each ragdoll cat and kitten in our care. We strive to keep only our best cats for our breeding program.

We breed quality, purebred, traditional blue-eyed ragdoll cats. 

Parents of our kittens are FIV/FELV, HCM, PKD, and PRA tested/negative and free of major genetic defects.

* PET PRICING  -  2400.00 - 2700.00 

 Your kitten includes:

* Age appropriate FVRCP kitten vaccines -      administered by our Veterinarian's office.

* Veterinarian Health Check

* Precautionary Deworm-Parasite Prevention 

* Spay/Neuter 

* TICA Pedigree Registration Form

* ORIGINAL Vet Records 

* 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee 

* MICROCHIPPED (At Veterinarian's office)

* Goody Bag, including food and vitamin samples that we use daily and a couple of their favorite little toys.

*Free - Trupanion Pet Health Insurance is offered at time of pickup, no extra charge. 

**Insurance must be activated by client within 24 hours of taking your kitten home in order to take advantage of this free offer.**

We DO NOT require a deposit. Money is not exchanged until your kitten is picked up. 

We take reservations and adoptions of our sweet kittens very seriously.

We reserve the right to Reserve/Adopt or Not Reserve/Adopt a kitten, to anyone. 

We are confident in our kittens, that when you meet them, you will fall completely in love with him/her and want to take that kitten home.  Payment is due at pick-up.

We accept Cash or Zelle at Pickup.

Note: If at pickup, you don't love your kitten of choice, there is no pressure to take that kitten home. ♡

Please NOTE: 

We DO NOT reserve kittens until they have gone to the vet to be checked out at least once and have had their first vaccines.

Thank you for your patience. 

We also post frequent photo/videos on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Thank You for considering one of our sweet Ragdoll kittens.

 David & Charity Heintzelman

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What is a Ragdoll Cat?

What makes them so Special?

Ragdolls are calm, large bodied, semi long-haired cats with very sweet temperaments and BIG, gorgeous, "Bright Blue" eyes. 

What makes a Ragdoll cat extra special?

 They are very affectionate felines, and often prefer humans more than other cat breeds.

These gentle cats often follow their owners around, preferring to be wherever we are.

Our Ragdolls are always at our feet, beside us or at least in the same room. They enjoy watching and being with us in our daily home routines. 

  Altered males/females will usually top the scale at 10 -20 pounds, and they are very slow maturing. 

Your ragdoll should have its full coat coloring by approximately two years old, and full weight by approximately four years old.


 Your ragdoll's coat requires minimal grooming to keep it looking plush and silky.

Ragdolls, just like all breeds of cats, will shed, usually with the change of seasons.

The absence of the thick, dense, insulating undercoat, results in reduced shedding and matting

Excerpt from Cat Fanciers’ Association

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Our Story

We started out as pet owners and instantly fell in love with everything about Ragdolls!!

Our first experience with her sweet, mild temperament, and big BLUE eyes won our hearts. Not to mention their stunning, soft, very easy to maintain coats. Our experience with ragdoll fur care has been amazing, it has been the easiest long haired fur care we have ever experienced. 

What motivates us is the amazing feeling when we match one of our sweet kittens with their new family.

To own a ragdoll, is to be loved by a ragdoll.

This is why we put so much time, love and effort into making sure this special feline continues to be available. 

One glance and our Blue Eyed Beauties, will melt your heart. 

​Contact us, to find out more, be added to our wait list, or to bring home one of these beautiful, sweet Ragdolls.

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Meet our Sweet "Blue Eyed" Babies

Our Ragdolls are far more than a business to us - they are Family. We breed responsibly and pay special attention to the health and care of each OH My Ragdoll cat and kitten. Each kitten is vet checked and has been given age appropriate vaccines. Your Ragdoll kitten is raised in-home with lots of time and love. We offer you, one of the sweetest ragdolls you will ever meet.


Fonzie - RESERVED for The Dormo Family

Meet Adorable, Sweet Fonzie. He is available to go home now. He is litter box trained and is using the scratch posts very efficiently.  He is very friendly and loves attention.   Fonzie does not mind our dog or puppy at all.  If you are interested in possibly adopting Fonzie, or need more information about him, please feel free to reach out.


Hallie - RESERVED for Joyce

Miss Hallie will be ready to go home towards the end of August.  She is a sweet, playful kitten that loves attention.   She is perfect with our young children, dog, puppy and other cats/kittens of various ages.    Hallie is completely litter box trained and uses the scratch pads very efficiently.   We have a couple of scratch posts that we highly  recommend and  they use them very well, here.   She will make a great addition into her new family.


Hope - RESERVED for Alyssa 

Miss Hope will be ready to go home near the end of August. Hope is litter box trained and uses the scratching posts and scratching boards very efficiently.She is very sweet and seeks attention. She loves the cat feather wand, it's her favorite toy, so far. She also does very well with our children and other pets, including our dog and puppy.


Harrison - AVAILABLE to Reserve 

Harrison is simply Precious!!   He will be ready to go home near the beginning of August.  Looking at his sweet face simply makes us smile.  He is litter box trained and is using the scratch posts efficiently.We have certain scratch posts and cat trees that we highly recommend.  He is great with our children and other pets, including our dog and puppy.  He will make a great addition to his perfect family.


Huckleberry - RESERVED for Alison and Family 

Meet sweet, playful Huckleberry!!   He is another super precious, friendly baby. He doesn't know a stranger here.   He loves all the kitties and our dog and puppy. He is loved much by everyone here.   He is litterbox trained and using the scratch posts here very efficiently.   He will bring many smiles to his perfect family.
He will be ready to go home near the beginning of August.


Hugo - RESERVED for Zeinab

Sweet little Hugo will be ready to go home near the beginning of August. He is litter box trained and uses the scratching posts and scratching boards very efficiently.   Hugo is very sweet and enjoys attention.   He is very sweet with our young children, dog/puppy and kittens of various ages.   He will be a very sweet addition into his new family's home.


Heidi - RESERVED for Joyce

Meet sweet and playful, little Heidi.She is litterbox trained and uses her scratch posts very efficiently. She is very good with our children and two dogs. She will make a very sweet companion to her new perfect family.



Ella is ready to go to her forever home.   She is litterbox trained and is using a scratch post efficiently.   Ella is sweet with our children, dogs and plays very well with other cats and kittens.   She is a sweet, well socialized kitten. 



Essie is ready to go home now. She is litter box trained and uses the scratching posts and scratching boards efficiently. Essie will be a very sweet addition to her new family's home. She is a sweet and gentle girl.

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We recently adopted (or they adopted us!) two delightful ragdoll boys from Oh My Ragdolls cattery. The kitties are just fantastic, and it is obvious they came from a very loving and caring environment. We are especially impressed by how much these two cats seem to adore each other! The owners passion for the breed and desire to deliver healthy loving cats is very evident. Thank you so much for bringing these little (for now) guys into our life! We are looking forward to many years of spoiling these guys! Tom and Linda

Tom and Linda D  -  Ohio

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